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Jovan C. Richards is an Entertainment, Political & Hospitality Professional. Jovan specializes in the Performing & Media Arts, Messaging, Molding and Mixology. Jovan is particularly familiar with performing, producing, directing, and casting for television, radio, theatre, film, and comedy. Jovan is also well versed in molding political messages and personas for candidates, elected officials, and organizations. Finally, Jovan is adept at beverage and bar management, bar training, and beverage creation.


For years, Jovan has lived to entertain and making audiences escape from their normal lives has been a goal of Jovan’s since childhood. Jovan began his entertainment career on stage as a performer. He then began to learn the behind-the-scenes aspects of the theatre. It was there that Jovan felt he found his calling. Jovan took the leap from being in the spotlight to telling the spotlight where to point. Jovan attended Five Towns College, where he majored in Film and Video Production and minored in Radio Broadcasting, as solely learning the back end of the theatre just wasn’t enough. Since departing from Five Towns College’s BFA program, Jovan has worked with numerous independent film, television, and commercial organizations. He has worked as the Assistant News Director and Intern Director while also maintaining a recognizable radio personality at a prominent New York radio station. Most recently, Jovan has become a notable and award winning producer and director.

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Jovan hails from a long line of bartenders. Jovan personally believes he found his love of bartending from his mother and grandfather, whom were both well-known bartenders in their local area. Jovan is a certified mixologist who has created new and exciting drinks for bars and restaurants across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Jovan's favorite and most well known client includes The New York Yankees. Jovan is also known for bar management, training/re-training bartenders, and developing new menus to draw in new audiences.

About me


Many know Jovan has always had the desire to help his community and country. One way Jovan has found that accomplishes both of those goals is by getting involved with local, state, and federal politics. No, Jovan is not an elected official (yet), but the day will come, where he stands proudly with one hand on the bible and is sworn into office. Until that day, Jovan will continue to advocate for equality, civil rights, issues affecting millennials, and progressive issues. Jovan will also continue to advocate for people he feels belong in office. Even though Jovan is a left of center, registered democrat, Jovan strongly believes that bi-partisan corporation is the only way to actually get work done. Jovan has aided elected officials, candidates, and not-for-profit organizations create election platforms by molding a message and persona that would resonate with their voters, constituents, and clients.

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